About Us

Adrienn Gellert-Smith –  English Teacher

My name is Adrienn Gellert-Smith. I have been actively and successfully teaching English for 20+ years. I have worked with students from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds.

I graduated with a degree in English and Education from Szeged University Teacher Training College Division – which is considered to be the ‘Harvard of Central Europe’.

Teaching English is not only my profession but also my passion.
I believe that learning English is a rather exciting and rewarding journey where students inevitably make mistakes. Many learners are worried about making mistakes. However, I strongly agree that making mistakes is the best way to learn. Mistakes can help you improve, gain confidence, pass challenging tests and tricky exams.

I use the interactive teaching approach where focusing on speaking/conversing, Listening, Reading and Writing skills efficiently improve with the help of highly qualified and experienced teachers.